My Story

It all began when I volunteered for a wonderful local organization as a parent coach. I connected well with the mothers, but soon learned that complex family structures abounded, as well as issues deeper than ineffective parenting. I determined that to make a real difference in people’s lives, I needed more thorough training and professional skills.

I studied at Mercy College and then attended Long Island University’s School of Health Professions for my Masters degree in Social Work. I completed my initial internship in the Council of Jewish Organizations (COJO), where I worked with elderly survivors of the Holocaust. I then returned to Toshia, the organization that had given me the impetus for my career change, as a social work intern providing mental health services. Following that, I worked as an associate in Empowering Journeys, a social work practice in Brooklyn.

Ever driven to provide the best clinical social work services, I enrolled in the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City to further my education. There, I gained a foundational understanding of family and attachment and their impact on mental health and the therapeutic process.

In 2016, I founded my private practice in Brooklyn, NY. I quickly realized that a vast majority of the issues that come up with my clients stem from developmental and attachment traumas.

This understanding would fuel my drive to intensely train in modalities that can provide healing for early traumas related to the individual within the family unit.

Since that time, I’ve invested hundreds of hours and vast amounts of energy in furthering my training so I can help my clients heal in a holistic and lasting way.

My Mission

I believe in the power of every person to succeed
despite pain and challenges in their lives.

My goal is to create awareness
and help you internalize these truths:

Grief, even complicated
grief, does not need to
define you.

Childhood neglect or abuse
should not ruin your
relationships today.

Trauma can be processed
and lasting healing can happen.

"Malky has so much knowledge in emotional well-being, and helping people reach their life goals is her priority."
You deserve to live a content and joyful life without the shadow of a painful past defining your present and future.
It’s my privilege to help facilitate your healing so you feel empowered, self-aware, and hopeful.